The exhitbition FRIA Overzee 4.0 Schiermonnikoog is closed. The city Council of Schiermonnikoog has invited FRIA for a new exhibition in September. Ger makes a new drawing of the town hall for this exhibition. The original drawings of the lighthous and "Huisje Marten"can also be seen here. 

In September und Oktober zeigt Ger Artprints von seiner Zeichnungen von den Watteninseln bei VAKwerk Burgum.

As it looks now, Ger is taking part in a special exhibition by KunstINNark in Drachten. This exhibition is all about the 5th anniversary of KunstINNark. The theme for this exhibition is therefore 5. Most likely Ger wil show here artprints of the lighthouses of the 5 Wadden Islands. This Exhibition is from September 29th till October 12th. 

If more details are known, they will be mentioned here. Keep an eye on this website.......

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