Ger de Groot is born in Hoorn on September 4th 1941. He makes pen-drawings of monuments in his native town of Hoorn and of castles in Friesland, also of special buildings in Brandenburg (Germany).

His ancestors came from Friesland. The landscape, inhabitants and the atmosphere attracts him so much that he has moved to Friesland in the Spring of 2006.

His earlier occupation was as a confectioner and later as a baker. As a boy he wanted to apply to go to the Art School in Amsterdam but his father didn't approve.
At the age of 45 years of age, he could finally fulfill his dream and start an education in graphic art at the art academy in Haarlem.

In spite of the fact that he had to learn a trade, Ger at the age of 13 years took a training with a sculptor in Zandvoort, named De Brouwer.These years were very important for him in his education as an artist.

At first he worked mainly with clay, later on he painted in oils and burned pictures of castles in wood however in this technique he couldn’t work as detailled as he wanted and turned his attention to pen drawings.

During the time that Ger de Groot lived in Amsterdam, he started his own pottery. After his removal to Wijdenes, the pottery “De Hoeksteen” was extended with an art gallery. Many artists have shown their works there. “De Hoeksteen” existed for 15 years.
In these days a lot of these ceramics have found their way to Germany, Australia, America, Canada and Eastern Europe.

The artist works on a drawing for months. When the drawing is finished he makes maximum 25 art-prints which can be sold.
The main part of his work is since summer 2002 in the collection of the Westfries Museum in Hoorn.

04-09-1941 Born in Hoorn
1953 Removed to Amsterdam
1954 Pupil from sculptor De Brouwer
1981 Removed to Wijdenes
1985 education in graphic art at the art academy in Haarlem.
2001 Removed to Zwaag, city of Hoorn
2006    Removed to Sumar (Friesland)

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